Top 10 Nutrition tips for your yoga practice

There are many beliefs and changing statements on what, when and how you should eat as a yogi. However, in truth, your diet and eating habits are as unique as your lifestyle, your practice and your goals.

Don’t Eat Heavy Meals Beforehand

It is commonly agreed that eating too much before a practice leads to a full, tired and groggy feeling which can limit your practice. It can also make you feel uncomfortable because you are working your digestive system in some asanas. Therefore, small and often is better than a large meal, and avoid anything other than a snack for 2 hours before your yoga practice.

Other Yogis believe in fasting or only eating specific foods, but others believe that this may reduce your strength if done regularly or for long periods of time.

Mindful Eating

Yoga promotes good health and strength and also encourages discipline. It is a mindful practice which is life changing. Food is our primary source of energy, offering us strength and wellness. If we reflect the mindfulness of yoga into our eating habits, and practice discipline, we will also see greater benefits than if we don’t. Mindful eating can prevent overeating and ensure we eat foods which strengthen, as opposed to weaken, our bodies. Therefore, it can well be argued that the links between nutrition and yoga are very close. So what should we be nourishing our bodies with as a Yogi?


Berries are a well known superfood, offering a whole host of nutrients and goodness. Their bright colour suggests to us that they are full of disease-fighting antioxidants. Berries are high in natural sugars, giving you a good supply of energy throughout your yoga practice, without the dreaded sugar crash from artificial sugary food. They are also high in fibre, which helps to prevent hunger pangs and strengthen your digestive system.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Dark green vegetables are full of vitamins C, E and K, calcium, iron and fibre. Eating these nutritious greens will allow the benefits of yoga to be even greater, as you allow your body to become the very best it can be.


It is very common for yogis to be vegetarians. The discipline of the practice, teamed with the discipline of a vegetarian diet is said to be very beneficial for both the mind and body. However, it is still vital to find a strong source of protein, especially for someone as physically active as a Yogi.

Tofu is a complete protein source, due to the 9 essential amino acids which it provides. In addition to this, it has a low fat and low sugar content, making it a great choice for your protein source.


From almonds to cashew nuts, peanuts to walnuts, nuts are a great source of good fat and protein. Nuts boost energy and satisfy hunger, with their slow release. You can enjoy nuts as a snack, although avoid the salted or coated options, or you can have nut butters and dips to offer more variety.


Water is an essential part of nutrition to keep our bodies working to the best of their ability. As well as drinking water, we can ensure we consume hydrating foods, such as cucumber and lettuce. The body can more easily absorb water in this way, making it a great way to hydrate.


Quinoa is another super food, with a high source of protein. It provides you with energy and improved concentration, as well as being a great source of iron, magnesium and vitamin B2. The compounds of quinoa promotes healthy blood and blood sugar levels, and much more.


Refined sugars, alcohol, caffeine and unhealthy fats can all have a negative effect on how your body functions. It can add to the ageing process, inhibit concentration, increase your weight and body fat, increase diabetes risks, heart disease and so much more. By focusing on what can strengthen our body instead of poisoning ourselves we can live a much longer, happier and healthier life.


Like life, food is a gift. It is our source of energy and strength, but it is also a pleasure and something which we should be grateful for. When meals have been lovingly prepared, it is important we give them the gratitude which they so deserve.

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