Modern day life can often be so busy and stressful, that we forget to take time out to enjoy all that we are working for and achieving. Even when we do take time to sit down and relax, we’re frequently found scrolling through social media sites, browsing the Internet or catching up on emails.

However, there is a lot to be said for taking time out to just sit, relax and switch off the mind from outside distractions. This kind of relaxation is great for your mind and body, reducing stress levels from your mind and body.


Some people think that meditation is this magical thing which you need to learn to do. In truth, it really is just about taking time out to unwind and relax. Find somewhere peaceful and relaxing for you and sit or lay in a comfortable position where you will not be temped to fidget. Allow your eyes to close and take the awareness to the breath. Allow your breath to be free, and watch as it naturally deepens as your body remains still and your mind quietens.

By using your breath as your focus, you encourage yourself to remain in the present moment, instead of planning what you are going to have for dinner, or mentally scribing a to-do list. Remain focused on the breath and allow your mind to begin to scan down over your body, releasing any tension which you find in your muscles or joints with each exhalation. Notice how you feel, notice what you hear.


It is perfectly natural for your mind to wander during your meditation. When this happens, don’t be annoyed with yourself, just take the awareness back to the breath and begin to rescan the body as soon as you realise your concentration has drifted.

If certain noises or disturbances occur, again, let them pass and return to your calm. Distractions can in fact, help you to strengthen your mind; they encourage you to focus more deeply within.


The benefits of meditation are limitless. Meditating helps us to understand our own mind and the way we work. It can help us to transform how we feel in any situation, from negative, to positive, purely by being aware of the way we act and react. By practising meditation regularly, you will be able to begin applying it to your everyday life. Being aware of you and your surroundings, preventing you from making rash decisions, getting upset over something trivial, or losing your temper frequently.


Research shows that there are multiple proven benefits of regular meditation, on both our mood and our health. It is suggested that 10-15 minutes of mindful meditation, is equivalent to one hour’s sleep. Our body relaxes so completely, releasing tensions from within, that we ‘awaken’ feeling refreshed and relaxed. Also, meditating before falling asleep can improve the quality of your whole nights sleep.

Medical benefits include reduced blood pressure, improvement of asthma and other respiratory problems, depression and anxiety management, prevents signs of ageing, improves skin condition and so much more. As discussed, it can also create an improved mood and lasting feelings of happiness. From this, willpower, confidence and success all follow.

In short, meditation can improve, pretty much, every aspect of your life, as it changes your perception on things in a positive way. By taking 10-15 minutes each day for you, changes will happen. And don’t worry about doing it wrong, there is no secret formula. Like anything, with practice, it will come.

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