Positivity – The Answer to The “No’s”

As individuals, we’re inspired, motivated and full of energy but only without any distractions. We’re excited at the thought of a new startup, that long planned fitness class, the disciplined routines that make us better people but somewhere along the way, we lose focus and get lost in the clutter of life. We met a few such brilliant people and asked, “So how did you lose the inspiration?” and “Where did your motivation go?”. It’s amazing that a significant number of these people were still as inspired and motivated as they were when they started working towards their respective goals. It was the negativity along the journey of working towards them, that made them give up. We are so unaware of ourselves and our amazing capabilities that most of us need approvals without which we cannot action. Now, it is understandable if we seek opinions from friends and family, of course it feels great to know what your close ones think but sometimes we allow complete strangers to define our lives and our ways. That’s where the negativity comes in to influence our decisions and create a path we were never meant to take.

We’re not saying don’t listen to these people, instead listen very closely and only allow this to motivate you in working towards achieving your goals even harder. The truth is, that the last battle you will need to fight is the war in your head and here are some ways how:

1. Put the pen to paper:

Write down every negative thought you’re having and against it force yourself to note a positive idea combatting the negativity. This will help you not only look beyond what stands in front of you but also look at the better bigger picture.

2. Dedicate to yoga:

That’s right! You’re thinking what could yoga possibly have to do with the negativity around you. Everyone’s end goal is to be happy but happiness comes when we realise it not something to be achieved. It is not tied to a job, a better half, a friend or a tangible object – happiness is felt irrespective of these when you achieve inner peace. We’ll let the experts from Yoga Journal tell you all about the magical poses that fight fear and promote positive thinking, here.

3. Change the way you think:

Be positive! No, that’s not what we will tell you because that’s the last thing you want to hear from us, everyone has already told you that. Think beyond the situation and the obvious reaction, think like someone else – someone who inspires you. That mentor from college or a co-worker who seems to have it all figured out. How would they react? When you pull yourself out of the situation, you step in to realism and that’s where you find a balanced state of mind.

4. Keep going:

Some of us are self motivated but then there are others who will fly with just a little push. Whoever you believe you are, find your trigger and keep it close. On days you feel like giving up or times things didn’t work out your way – always have people, places or hobbies that help you unwind.

5. Also learn to let go:

Not your dreams but all that holds you from achieving them – people, thoughts, places, situations and constraints. Every single time you let go of such negativity, you make space for positive thoughts and ideas.

Always remember no amount of negativity can disturb your peace of mind unless you allow it to get inside your head. So let’s control our mind and let our mind control our actions.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”
– Winston Churchill

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