Yoga Asanas for a flexible body

The practice of yoga travels 5,000 years ago, in its developmental stages when it was regarded as an ancient Indian science of exercise and healing. It has since then believed to be one of the most holistic healing approach with many benefits for our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Today, practising yoga has gained popularity for its ability to provide instant gratification and long term transformation. There are two of the most essential objectives for all those who start their fitness journey. The reason we give up on our health, wellbeing or any aspect capable of improvement is monotony and stagnation. Most of us look for quick results and significant improvements which unfortunately isn’t possible in a natural organic scenario. Practically understood as a physical play of aasanas, one only feels the unity of their body, mind and breath from personal experience with yoga.


Of all the benefits of yoga, let’s discuss more about one of its key physical benefits – Flexibility. We all know that practising yoga loosens our muscles, gradually allowing our body to perform all asanas to perfection with practice and time. We assume the initial stiffness comes from the lack of exercise but actually it is far simpler – it is a lack of basic movement. Spending hours at your desk, watching television on the couch or looking down at your phone (text neck – Yes, they have a name for this modern spine ailment) – everything adds up. Our body’s huge vascular system works its complex network on tiny capillaries which are constantly affected by our movements. The tightness in your hamstrings indicates impaired circulation to your connective tissues while the stiffness in your neck could be due to the long hours you’re spending at your desk burning the midnight oil. No matter the case – move. Incase you’re busy and don’t have the time to dedicate to yoga, make it a routine to do some simple exercises without a mat. Find some here.

But for those of us who are setting themselves on their yoga journey, these simple yoga poses will help your flexibility and in no time will you be touching your toes or doing the asanas you once thought you couldn’t.

1. Cat and cow pose /Bitilasana:

A wonderful way to warm up, the cat and cow pose is a sequence that stretches the spine and prepares the body for activity.

2. Intense side stretch pose /Parsvottanasana:

A mix of a forward bend and balancing techniques, the intense side stretch pose opens up the shoulders and hips while stretching the hamstrings.

3. Plough pose /Halasana:

A challenging one, the plough pose is an inverted pose that has the ability to renew the entire body. Experts recommend this pose for mental and physical benefits.

These asanas provide the essential benefit of yoga, allowing you maximise your physical capabilities and improve your ability to stretch and bend.

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