Resolutions Of Spiritual Fitness

Christmas, New Years, Birthdays, Anniversaries and more – Milestones and reminders of the year gone by. These occasions marking a moment of life transitions make us reflect back on the things we achieved and those we failed at. Some of us turn around to start afresh and make new commitments to our health, our bodies, work routines and lifestyle but how many times have these commitments changed us on the outside? And why haven’t we reflected on how kind we were this year or showing empathy to those around us? Hardly, right? Because deep inside we know these areas that need our focus but often get blurred with displaced priorities.

Our physical fitness is surely important and crucial for us to function but our spiritual health determines the extent to which we can allow the functioning. While you will build your muscles and tone your body through physical training don’t discount the power of spiritual fitness. Your mind achieves a sense of calm and balance when you allow it to have faith in a higher power. No, we are not saying religion or a prayer, that is the most common misconception. We are really just thinking of taking control of attitude, beliefs and practices that impact our healths. Thats true! Just as we have or physical fitness levels, we have our spiritual fitness levels too – they rule our energy levels, moods, concentration and the overall alignment of our bodies.

Here are some ways you can start your journey of spiritual fitness:

1. Declutter the negative:

This one is a task for you to do – Keep away from all that brings negativity to your mind. Look at it like this, the space in our minds is precious and limited. The thoughts, beliefs and opinions that we allow in, stay! Lessen the external chaos to bring internal calmness and stay balanced.

2. Know your spiritual side:

When we set ourselves on the spiritual quest, we overlook our personality or what defines spirituality for us. It is pretty much the same like our other preferences – no two people have the same personality and your spiritual practice is something for you to explore. Begin by creating a list of activities that make you happy or bring peace.

3. Build a community:

The people you surround yourself with make all the contribution in your spiritual growth. If you’re starting alone then find and connect with people who have a similar quest as yours. They will motivate your intentions and become a larger part of supporting spiritual growth.

4. Break the cycle:

Dedicate yourself to one daily and one weekly practice, something that reconnects you internally and breaks the on going chaos from you daily routine. Between family, work, routine and chores – there is enough to take your day away but allowing exclusive 30 minutes to yourself will bring back internal alignment.

These are some great simple ways to begin your journey so resolutions or no resolutions, make yourself a promise to gain spiritual strength!

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