The point you are at in life is exactly where we all start our yoga journey. A little hesitant and feeling unsure because you are unaware of what you are seeking and how yoga was going to help. Just be aware that you are setting yourself on a wonderful journey of self-compassion and self-awareness. I know it is a scary thought to place yourself in a full room of people that seem like professional yogis but the truth is you never know how far they are on their journey. One of the most challenging aspects of yoga isn’t about opening up the body, it is the opening of the mind. Become acceptable to change and willing to learn. For a moment here, allow yourself to feel like a child who knows nothing, starting from ground zero. Let go of all the ideas and misconceptions that may be holding you back. “I’m not that flexible” or “I’m too old to do yoga” or whatever it is that isn’t allowing you to unroll the mat.

Like you, I read quite a few blogs and articles trying to find a way to connect with my inner self. To find my purpose here, to do something more meaningful with my life at the same time prioritising my health. I strongly believe that most of us go through this phase of reflection only when we are surrounded by complete chaos. Be it the busy work lives, tiring parenting cycles, consuming relationships or traumatic situations but with time you will realise that this reflection can become a conscious way of life and not something incidental. Trust me when I say, I know exactly how you are feeling because this is exactly where I started my long-term relationship with yoga.

Now, you are going to go to that class, prepare your mind and let it prepare your body. Remember that you are dedicating this time of your life to your wellbeing and your fitness goals. And no! Fitness doesn’t always mean lifting weights or completing a marathon, yoga isn’t meant for only flexible bodies or for women and you don’t need the mountains or a vacation to feel free and connected. You will know the truth in these words once you’re pursuing your practice with dedication. The time you spend on the mat breathing slowly and letting go of the hurricane of thoughts in your head will start ruling your life off the mat.

Irrespective of our physical strengths and limitations, irrespective of our fears, self-doubts, and judgments, we can always be grateful for every moment that we interact with ourselves and with everyone around us. May your journey keep you challenged, inspired, humbled, and above all, the best possible version of yourself that you can be. I’m not your yoga instructor and I won’t be the girl who shows off her perfect headstand – I’m a friend, a fellow beginner like you who wants you to step out and discover the world on the mat!

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